Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plant for Institutions

In numerous schools and academic institutions, the premium sewage treatment solutions as designed by us, have been successfully installed. While in most of the sewage treatment plants, the central objective has been to recycle and source water for horticu

Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant

Since long year"s water and wastewater management has been major issues for sugar industry and the industry is pressed to reduce its water consumption and the emission of pollutants. We believe that sugar refineries in India need wide range of differentia

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant

Premium quality of packed sewer treatment plant is available as customised as well as standardized design and in skid-mounted form and even without skids STP (5m3/day upto500m3/day). Such are considered ideal for housing societies, SEZs, limited townships

Sewage Treatment Plant for Hotels and Resorts

For hospitals and widely stretched academic institutions, we offer phenomenal sewage treatment plants. Such plants or the solutions are designed, developed and tested by our acclaimed experts, at the state of art manufacturing labs an

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

Our insightful engineers have crafted Mobile Sewage Treatment Plants and Mobile Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants and Fluidized Bed Reactors. Such a range of systems are the result of our innovative thinking and forward approach.

Sewage Treatment Plant for Apartments

For kitchens, laundries or toilets, versatile sewage treatment solution is available which are based upon aerobic treatment system. Such has also been an innovative method where again, secondary treatment process is manipulated to con

Sewage Recycling Plant

Sewage is a filth, but we consider it to be a resource which can easily be recycled and can be put to use for purposes like gardening, in toilets, kitchens, for car washes and so forth. It is alarming that 60% of the sewage water rema

Sewage Treatment Plant for Residential Building

Our engineers have come up with outlandish treatment plant, which is best suited for residential apartments, commercial complexes, academic institutions and the like. Besides, the water we generate is purely clean and hygienic and sew

Sewage Treatment Plant for Hospital

Such solutions fall in the category of innovative water treatment and are based upon aerobic sewage treatment system. In such a system, secondary treatment process is ensured to contain the spread of emanating bad smell. In most of th